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Computer Parts & Accessories Store

Established – Professional – Reputable
Our customers have received over 410,000 pc parts & accessories

JPCparts.com is a computer parts company synonymous with quality parts, customer service, integrity, and follow through. JPCparts sells authentic parts from well known manufacturers, such as Compaq, Dell, HP, IBM, and many more brands. We also offer our compatible line of replacement batteries and LCD screens to meet all budgets requirements.
Our customers that have received 400,000+ parts and accessories already know our quality products, service and the ease of buying from us. If you need a new screen or batteries, replacement of outdated parts, or a server upgrade, we can easily handle all your needs. For over 20 years we have worked hard to earn your respect and your repeat business.
We also supply special pricing for GSA, educational institutions, federal and state government agencies, medical facilities, retirement facilities, and all branches of the Armed Forces. We offer customized accounts with specialized pricing and online express ordering. We want to make your JPCparts buying experience as quick and smooth as possible.